Ambar Lab launches its new webpage.

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After 9 years in front of the business we are at the peak of our growth. The Covid-19 pandemic has squeezed us to the maximum and we have strived to provide the best service, always faithful to our philosophy of being close, agile and flexible with our customers. We are natural nonconformists; we want to keep growing, not only nationally but also internationally. With this in mind, and although we know that speaking the same language with all our customers is almost impossible, we have developed a website that has been humanly translated into 5 languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Portuguese. In order to carry out digital marketing campaigns that are as warm as possible and that connect with each of our customers, whatever their language.

In the same way we wanted to make it super easy to contact us from the web so we have enabled multiple CTA buttons strategically on our website, so that contacting us is simple and clear.

Simple and clear – this has been the motto during the design of our web and we have tried to capture it in each of its pages, which we wanted to be few – we do not want to overwhelm you with unnecessary menus that could mislead you.

We wanted to give it a modern look around our trademark colors, blue, symbol of the sea and the enthusiasm we feel for our business, and ruby, symbol of the passion for life that characterizes our company and the clinical analysis world. We take our work very seriously and provide an agile, flexible and high quality service. But at the same time we like to be disruptive and always look for solutions to new problems that arise every day, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. That’s why we have given it a cheerful and easy-to-digest look, because that’s how we feel.

Anyway, your opinion matters a lot to us and we would love to hear from you. We have a small survey open. You can have access to it by clicking here.

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