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Cómo se produce la electrólisis del agua - Ambar Lab

How water electrolysis occurs

Water electrolysis is a chemical process that involves the separation of water molecules into their basic components, hydrogen and oxygen, through the application of an electric current.

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fibrinogeno alto-ambar

High fibrinogen

Our organism is like a machine made up of thousands of parts and gears that must work perfectly. If any of them are missing, a general error occurs. Those pieces, in our real body, would be the proteins we need to maintain homeostasis. One of them is fibrinogen, a little known protein but of indispensable value for our organism. Today we will explain what exactly it is and what can cause high fibrinogen, as well as its consequences and whether there is treatment for this problem.

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tumor markers

Tumor markers

What are tumor markers and what are they used for? Tumor markers are substances (proteins in general) produced by cancer cells or produced naturally by

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non-invasive prenatal test

Non-invasive prenatal test

What is non-invasive prenatal testing? Non-invasive prenatal testing is a method of detecting certain chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. Also called non-invasive prenatal screening, these

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