COVID-19 and post-holiday return

COVID-19 and post-holiday return

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After the holidays, students and workers return massively to their studies and jobs, respectively. Identifying Covid-19 in people who may not be showing any symptoms is key. Some people may have Covid-19 but appear healthy or have only mild symptoms. That is why it is important to detect infected people so that they can remain confined and seek appropriate care.

As a clinical analysis laboratory expert in Covid-19 detection tests, we have experienced all kinds of cases during the pandemic. Here are some clues about what we have been observing about the behavior of the virus in different people:

The impact of the virus is not homogeneous:

The degree of viral load and the quality of the immune system of each individual will determine the severity with which the virus affects each person.


Not all of us eliminate the virus in the same time:

The great variability that people have in shedding viral load after infection is important. Commonly it can take between 10 – 30 days, but there are persistent Covid cases that can last up to 2-3 months.


The duration of the virus and how long a person is contagious vary:

It is recommended by the Spanish health authorities that, if we have been in close contact with a positive-tested person, we confine ourselves for at least 10 days. The protocol says that if we do not have symptoms, after this time, we can finish the quarantine process, since it is understood that we will test negative. However, we recommend that this process must often be accompanied by a nasopharyngeal PCR test to ensure that the viral load has disappeared completely and we are not contagious anymore.


Have you been in close contact with a person that tested positive from Covid?

Many of us believe that if the next day after the contact we get a PCR test or rapid antigen test and it comes out negative, it means that we have not been infected, but this view is not correct since it often takes a few days for the virus to be detectable.
Our recommendation: After close contact confine yourself and, importantly, allow at least 4-5 days to pass until you do the most effective SARS-CoV-2 detection test, which is the naso-pharyngeal PCR, or a rapid antigen test.
Do you want to know if you classify as a close contact? Find out in less than a minute here


It is important to monitor the immune response after infection or vaccination.

Both individually and collectively, it is necessary to know the immune status of people both after a Covid process, and after vaccination. As it is well known, not all of us develop antibodies equally effectively. If properly tested organizations can reduce excessive testing costs, save annoyance to workers for excessive screening and avoid contagion within your business or educative center. To find out the immune status of your workers or students, we recommend doing complete antibody tests. Of course, it is advisable not to do it until 2 weeks after the complete vaccination or the overcoming of the disease.


Persistent Covid cases = more complete testing:

It is important to remember that, although less common, in cases of chronic complications, our lab can perform a series of control parameters to facilitate the follow-up or treatment of the disease. We recommend a general control and follow-up blood test, as well as a Dimer D and inflammatory process test (IL-6 as well as other indicators of inflammatory processes).

If you need more information, feel free to contact us. We will consult your company or educational center with the required confidence, experience and empathy.

Don’t leave it to the last moment. Let’s come back safely from vacation.

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