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As experienced scientists and managers of a clinical laboratory, we also offer close consultation in which we help diagnose areas of improvement within your clinical laboratory, recommend actions to improve growth prospects, and draft a detailed action plan to ensure success.



Data Management


Ambar Lab has a team of people that is used to the start-up and acceleration of laboratories, to improve and refine processes that help facilitate their growth. We know the problems of a laboratory in its initial phases and the organizational problems of assimilating and dimensioning a growth.

Our logistics at your disposal

The logistics department, often neglected, can generate a real problem if there is a mistake with the transfer and preservation of samples, or be a source of inefficiency if the warehouse is not well managed. Our team will help you to have both facets organized and under control, so you can focus on more critical areas.

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Ambar Lab Services

The highest quality standards at your disposal

The quality department is a key part of the gear for health services providers. Trust, scrupulous compliance with the law and the self-demand to go beyond with internal protocols, are an important part of the laboratory.
It is an area that is sometimes seen as something that weighs down and takes up time, that instills respect and generates laziness. We can help you break down these barriers.

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Your expert in Data Management

The Laboratory Information System (SIL) is a tool at the epicenter of a laboratory’s resource and information management. Failure to choose the right SIL can be a major hindrance to the normal operation of the laboratory.

We offer advice based on our experience with the use of several SILs, developed internally and by an external company, to help you define your ideal program.

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Ambar Lab Services

The best laboratory management at your fingertips

A well-organized administration department is a marvel that helps in the correct management of laboratory resources, facilitating many processes and providing credibility to the data and indicators that are extracted, making it easier to draw conclusions and make the right decisions. The opposite can lead to chaos and jeopardize the viability of the laboratory.
Our management team, a mix of experience and youth with knowledge of new tools, is well positioned to find inefficiencies and mitigate them.

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Our team of specialists

Dr. Juan Vicente Martínez Mas


Juan Vicente Martínez

Co-Founder of AMBAR

Degree in Biology and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Universiidad de Barcelona.

Eugeni Jordana Sala


Eugeni Jordana

Co-Founder of AMBAR

Bachelor in Business Administration and Master in Business Administration by ESADE.

Xavier Buxeda Garrigós

Director of Administration

Xavier Buxeda


Technician in Administrative Processes.

Ana Maria Lemos​

International Trade Director

Ana María Lemos


Specialist in Marketing and International Trade.

Marcos Romagosa Josa

Business Development Manager

Marcos Romagosa

Graduate in Business Administration and Master in Business Administration from ESADE.

Fernando Perez-Sala Maldonado

Director of Logistics and Marketing

Fernando Pérez Sala


Degree in Business Administration from St. Louis University (Missouri).

We are the international reference laboratory for special tests

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Additional services

We are your one-stop partner for any laboratory test, whether routine or reference tests.

Join us to innovate. We have all the ingredients to develop and validate new tests and products, and fast-track their commercial launch.

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