Through the integration of different disciplines, we aim to detect genetic and chromosomal alterations, malformations and congenital defects during the gestation period that may compromise the physical or mental development of the fetus. We offer a personalized counseling service and have cytogenetic and molecular techniques at your disposal:

  • Combined screening (biochemical and ultrasound) of prenatal risk in the first trimester (test 126) and second trimester (test 128).
    Non-invasive maternal blood test (NIPT) (test 3294).
    Karyotype in amniotic fluid (test 3607) and in chorionic villus (tests 3612 and 3608) for the study of numerical and structural alteration. For chorionic villus, we offer two types of cultures: a short culture where cytotrophoblast cells are studied and reported at 48 hours and a long culture where mesenchymal cells are studied and reported at 15 days.
    Study of aneuploidies of chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y by QF-PCR (test 3283).
    FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization) with commercial or custom-designed tests, for the study of microdeletions, numerical alterations and structural alterations
  • CGH arrays (comparative genomic hybridization) (test 3298): allows to search the entire genome for gains and losses of genetic material, which have a described clinical significance.
  • All types of molecular studies are performed according to medical indications.

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