R&D cooperation in clinical research

Lean on us to innovate. We have all the ingredients to develop and validate new tests and products and accelerate their commercial launch.

Clinical Research Plan

We develop tailor-made R&D collaborations internationally to create new tests, validate drugs, fine-tune analysis methodologies, wherever your company is located.

For a period of 6 weeks or more we become partners in your goals and commit ourselves to achieving them.

For the proper monitoring of the project we are in constant contact with you and we develop reports of the activities carried out and to be carried out to achieve the objectives. At the conclusion of the project, where necessary, an action plan is detailed to ensure medium and long-term success.

Clinical Research Design

Our professionals follow the most efficient procedures, techniques and methods to obtain the necessary information for each objective.

In our blog we tell you everything you need to know about clinical research design.

Types of clinical laboratory investigations

There are different types of clinical investigations depending on the needs of our collaborators. These studies can be for treatment, prevention, diagnosis, screening, quality of life, genetic studies, research for new drugs, trials, etc.

At Ambar Lab we adapt to the demands of medicine in order to provide our clients with an action plan that allows them to achieve all their objectives.

Our team of specialists

Discover our team of professionals at Ambar Lab.

Dr. Juan Vicente Martínez Mas


Juan Vicente Martínez

Co-Founder of AMBAR

Degree in Biology and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Barcelona.

Eugeni Jordana Sala


Eugeni Jordana

Co-founder of AMBAR

Graduate in Business Studies and Master in Business Administration from ESADE.

Xavier Buxeda Garrigós

Director of Administration

Xavier Buxeda

Partner of AMBAR.

Technician in Administrative Processes.

Ana Maria Lemos

Director of International Trade

Ana María Lemos

Partner of AMBAR.

Specialist in Marketing and International Trade.

Marcos Romagosa Josa

business development manager

Marcos Romagosa

Graduate in Business Studies and Master in Business Administration from ESADE.

Fernando Perez-Sala Maldonado

Director of Logistics and Marketing

Fernando Pérez Sala

Partner of AMBAR.

Degree in Business Administration from St. Gallen University. Louis University (Missouri).

We are the international reference laboratory for special tests

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We are your one-stop partner for any laboratory test, whether routine or reference tests.

We offer a global service at logistics, IT, quality, commercial and administrative level.

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