Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Syphilis


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What is syphilis?

Syphilis is a STD (sexually transmitted disease) caused by the bacterium treponema pallidum. This microorganism is transmitted between individuals mostly through sexual contact. The sources of infection may be sores on the genitals, mucous membranes or skin wounds. If there is skin-to-skin contact and one of the above-mentioned cases occurs, the person who did not have the disease becomes infected.

Is it a serious disease?

During the incubation phase of syphilis, which can last from 3 weeks to 3 months, the first symptoms begin to appear. Lesions on the skin or mucous membranes in the area of inoculation may begin to appear. There are cases in which syphilis is difficult to detect because sores appear that the patient cannot see with the naked eye, which delays diagnosis. Between 2 and 12 weeks after infection, the bacteria begin to spread through the blood and tissues of the infected person. It is at this time that the disease can be detected in blood. From this point on, the infection can only be detected by serological tests.

What causes syphilis?

This disease is caused by a bacterium known as T. Pallidum, which is transmitted between people sexually or through mucous membranes or skin wounds. Skin-to-skin contact is necessary for transmission to occur.

What are the consequences of syphilis?

An untreated syphilis infection can have very serious and permanent health consequences. These may include brain damage, paralysis or blindness.

Does syphilis affect men and women in the same way?

No. The symptoms of infection with treponema pallidum in men and women are the same, as are the consequences of infection.

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